Get Your Smile Summer-Ready with Dental Implants


Summertime presents many opportunities to show off your smile. Whether you are taking pictures at a family reunion, laughing with friends as you stroll along the boardwalk, or capturing your vacation through photographs and videos, your smile is on display. Nearly everyone has a smartphone to record the important moments of your life. When you travel or visit friends and families, the cameras come out.

Key Points

  • Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss.
  • There are many cosmetic and functional benefits of dental implants.
  • Dental implants continue to advance, both in the techniques and materials used, leading to increased longevity and lower failure rates.
  • Dental implants are a superior solution to tooth loss as compared to dentures or dental bridges.
Get Your Smile Summer-Ready with Dental Implants

When you are unhappy or uncomfortable with your smile, these events can create hesitancy and discomfort instead of joy and anticipation. When you are missing teeth,it can cause you to be self-conscious about your smile. It is common to respond to this discomfort by hiding in the back of the photo, trying to cover your mouth discreetly, or attempting to smile naturally without showing any teeth. If this describes how you feel about your smile, it might be time to do something about it.

Dental implants could restore your smile and leave you confident in photographs once again.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants involve a restorative procedure that replaces your missing tooth or teeth with natural-looking prosthetics. It does more than restore your smile.You will be able to enjoy your beloved summer foods like corn on the cob, ribs, or your favorite summer delicacies without challenging your teeth. Dental implants also allow you to smile and laugh with confidence, and it is not difficult to speak once it is in place.

The Most Modern and Advanced Techniques

Dr. Hogan uses the latest technologies for both the materials and the procedure to ensure a successful implant experience. Implants have some of the highest rates of success of any treatment, with a 10-year success rate exceeding 98%.

Modern dental implants have been around since 1965. Over time dentists have perfected the treatment and the tools and materials used for the initial procedure and follow-up care.

The cost has come down a lot in the last decade, and more insurance companies now cover the procedure, making them more affordable than ever. Even with some out-of-pocket costs, you could save money because it is a permanent solution to tooth loss. You will not incur additional cleaning or maintenance charges or need to pay for repairs or replacements down the road.

Dental implants are generally a superior solution to dentures and bridges because of how they are built. The new tooth anchors into the jaw supported by a titanium post that simulates the natural tooth root. This technique creates a rugged and durable replacement tooth that will last the rest of your life.


  • Who is not a good candidate for dental implants?

    Patients who grind their teeth, clinch their jaw, or bite their fingernails may put too much pressure on the implants which could result in long-term damage. Also, people with certain medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, a severely compromised immune system, or people that that steroids or other drugs to suppress the immune system may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants.

  • What are some alternatives to dental implants?

    Dental implants are one of the most popular options for replacing one or more missing teeth. In addition to implants, full or partial, fixed, or removable bridges are a common treatment used to replace missing teeth between adjacent healthy teeth.

  • Are Dental Implants as Strong as Real Teeth?

    Advances in dental implants, and the components and materials used in dental implants, continue to improve the strength and durability of this popular tooth replacement option. In general, the bite strength of a dental implant is roughly 80-90% of the strength of your natural teeth, allowing patients to the return of their normal biting and chewing function.

  • How much does a single dental implant cost in 2022?

    The cost of a single dental implant can range from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on several different factors. The price of the dental implant includes the surgical and anesthesia costs, the implant post, a custom abutment, a porcelain implant crown, and all dental lab costs.

  • Does insurance cover the cost of dental implants?

    Dental implants are considered an elective, cosmetic dental procedure, and therefore, are not covered under most dental or medical insurance plans. However, some dental plans may cover some portion of the procedure such as a tooth extraction or a portion of the cost of a dental bridge when an implant is used to support the bridge.

  • Are dental implants worth it?

    Dental implants provide more than just an aesthetic outcome from tooth loss. Dental implants support the adjacent teeth, supporting a healthy bite. Implants also decrease bone loss, preserving the underlying jawbone and further preserving facial aesthetics.

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If you are ready to explore ways to rejuvenate your smile, or you just need a cleaning and x-rays, call today for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment. Dr. Kevin Hogan graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry and has over 40 years of experience. He completed continuing education at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, a world-renowned comprehensive and aesthetic dentistry center. He has also finished extensive coursework with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and lectured at both North Carolina and Emory University.

He is known for his artistic skill, professionalism, and ability to find the right solution for an array of dental challenges. Dr. Kevin Hogan is a cosmetic and restorative dentist serving patients in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina and the greater Charleston, SC areas.

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