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No matter what your complaint is, we can help. Cosmetic dentistry in Mt. Pleasant, SC is so popular that you probably do not even realize how many people you know that have had something upgraded in their mouths. That is also the beauty of today’s cosmetic dental technology. No one will be able to tell, they will just see you and your beautiful smile!

At your consultation with Dr. Hogan, you will receive an exam and review of your medical history. You can discuss all of your concerns and desires with Dr. Hogan, and he will be able to determine what cosmetic dentistry procedures are right for you. Dr. Hogan loves giving patients a brand new smile and you might be surprised at how much better you look and feel after your transformation, not to mention how others will see you, too.

  • Composite Fillings

    A composite filling is a white or tooth colored plastic and glass mixture that is used to restore decayed teeth. Composites can also be used to improve the aesthetics of a smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping a disfigured tooth.

  • Orthodontics

    While the most obvious benefit of having orthodontic services is to accomplish teeth straightening and a beautiful smile, there are many other less obvious benefits of orthodontics. Crooked teeth are not only difficult to clean and maintain but may lead to tooth decay or worsening gum disease. Crooked teeth or malpositioned teeth may also cause misalignment of the jaw.

  • Invisalign®

    Invisalign® is a way to straighten crooked teeth without the traditional metal bars and brackets of braces. This modern, revolutionary approach to orthodontic services uses custom made aligner trays that gradually shift your teeth into place.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    Porcelain veneers allow us the ability to completely transform your smile into one that you can be proud of for years. Advanced technology in the field of cosmetic dentistry has allowed us the ability to fix teeth with veneers and to give patients white, straight, and natural looking teeth without the use of braces or surgery.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening by dentists is the safest and most sure way to see immediate results. Some procedures are done in office and some are performed at home. Make an appointment today to see which type of teeth whitening by dentists is the best for you!

  • Botox® Filler

    Although there is no real fountain of youth, it is possible to look younger with applications of Botox® fillers. Botox® is safely and comfortably injected into the skin, giving you a plumper, more youthful look. We use Botox® to smooth out crow’s feet, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

    Botox® fillers are a proven way for many people to improve their confidence. No one will know that you are using Botox® to achieve your desired appearance. They will only see that you are looking better than you have in years! Talk to us today about getting Botox® at our comprehensive dental practice.

Your Teeth Redefined

Dr. Hogan can repair teeth damaged by tooth decay with tooth colored composite fillings or you can have old silver amalgam fillings replaced to upgrade your smile. Porcelain crowns and bridges can restore and replace teeth. Front teeth too small, too short, or uneven? Get a whole new look with porcelain veneers. Yellowed teeth can add years onto your appearance. We offer several different methods of teeth whitening at our office including KoR® Whitening, which is so effective that it can whiten teeth once thought to be permanently stained by tetracycline.

Dr. Hogan can also provide the benefits of orthodontics with Invisalign® in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Invisalign® is a way to straighten your crooked teeth with invisible braces that no one can see. There is no longer a need to have a mouth full of painful metal brackets and wires to have straight teeth. We offer multiple cosmetic dentistry services that can be personalized based on your unique smile.

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