Category: Sedation Dentistry

  • December 14, 2020

    Relax at the Dentist with Sedation Dentistry

    Who Benefits from Sedation? Dental anxiety or bad past dental experiences Dislike the sounds and smells of the dentist office Have difficulty sitting still for long periods Need lengthy or complex dental treatment Have sensitive teeth or a sensitive gag reflex Sedation for Every Type of Patient Nitrous Oxide Alternately ...

  • October 26, 2020

    Sedation Dentistry: Why Is It Beneficial?

    Which Patients Benefit? The usual types of patients that benefit from sedation dentistry include those with the following: Sensitive teeth Dental Anxiety Low pain tolerance Claustrophobia Sensitive gag reflex Previous dental trauma Fidgety behavior Positives of Sedation Dentistry The major benefit of undergoing sedation during a dental procedure, such as ...

  • July 23, 2020

    Sedation Dentistry: How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Anxiety

    Causes of Dental Anxiety There are quite a few reasons people experience anxiety about dentists including the following: Fear of pain Feeling helpless Bad gag reflex Embarrassment Negative experiences   Sedation is the Solution Thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry it is now easier than ever to reduce your dental ...

  • January 2, 2020

    Are You In Need Of Sedation Dentistry?

    How Sedation Dentistry Benefits Patients Low Pain Tolerance Patients with a low pain tolerance may be less likely to visit their dentist regularly.   Even though most dental procedures are not very painful, advances in sedation dentistry now provide patients with different options for sedation to make their dental procedures more ...

  • February 25, 2014

    Calm Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry

    When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Hogan will take X-rays, that way he will be able to get a better idea on how to fix your smile. We will give you very specific instructions on when to take the medication, which will normally be one to two hours ...

  • August 2, 2013

    We Can Treat Dental Anxiety with Oral Conscious Sedation

    You’ll feel relaxed when you arrive at our office, allowing Dr. Hogan the opportunity to restore your smile. Oral conscious sedation is also a great solution if you have a sensitive gag reflex as it helps your body to stay calm while undergoing dental work. In some cases, you’ll be ...

  • July 25, 2012

    Enjoy a More Relaxing Visit with Sedation Dentistry

    How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work? If Dr. Hogan will be helping you with oral conscious sedation, here’s what you can expect. First, during your consultation appointment, Dr. Hogan will write a prescription for a safe and effective anti-anxiety medication. Then, on the day of your procedure, you’ll take your ...

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