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  • July 25, 2012

    Enjoy a More Relaxing Visit with Sedation Dentistry

    How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work? If Dr. Hogan will be helping you with oral conscious sedation, here’s what you can expect. First, during your consultation appointment, Dr. Hogan will write a prescription for a safe and effective anti-anxiety medication. Then, on the day of your procedure, you’ll take your ...

  • July 11, 2012

    Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy for Mt. Pleasant Patients

    But as destructive as gum disease is, treatment is possible with gum disease therapy if the condition is caught early. For mild cases, spending more time at the bathroom sink may be all that’s needed. For more serious cases, Dr. Kevin Hogan and his team at Smiles by Hogan in ...

  • June 27, 2012

    Restore Your Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings from Dr. Hogan

    Tooth-colored fillings, which are also known as composite fillings, are made from a combination of plastics and can be shaded to match the color of your teeth. What’s more, unlike amalgam fillings, they actually bond with teeth, supporting their natural structure and leaving more of your natural smile intact. And ...

  • June 13, 2012

    Dr. Kevin Hogan Creates Dazzling Smiles with Porcelain Veneers

    Following your appointment, you’ll wear a set a temporary veneers while our lab works on crafting your custom-made porcelain veneers. Then, when your porcelain veneers are ready, you’ll just need to return to our Mt. Pleasant office to have them put in place. Afterwards, you can leave feeling more confident ...

  • May 10, 2012

    Reclaim Your Beautiful Smile with Teeth Whitening from Dr. Hogan

    Teeth Whitening Options Maybe you have a big event coming up and need to brighten your smile in a hurry. With in-office teeth whitening, Dr. Kevin Hogan can help you achieve a dramatically whiter smile in just one appointment. But maybe you’d prefer to whiten your smile in the comfort ...

  • May 3, 2012

    Dedicated Restorative Care from Smiles By Hogan

    Each one of these great services lets Dr. Hogan provide patients from Mt. Pleasant and the greater Charleston, SC surrounding areas with the kind of dedicated, restorative service they expect to find at a contemporary practice. If you live in the Mt. Pleasant area and have recently been told you ...

  • April 9, 2012

    Revitalizing Smiles with Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services

    Not sure which might be right for you? Call Smiles by Hogan, Dr. Kevin Hogan's Mount Pleasant dental office today to schedule a consultation visit. During your consultation, Dr. Hogan will examine your smile closely and talk with you to develop a personalized smile design to help you meet your ...

  • April 2, 2012

    Comprehensive Dentistry That Includes the Whole Family

    Optimizing Oral Health for Patients In Mount Pleasant And Surrounding Areas When you come into Dr. Hogan’s office for a visit, whether it’s your first checkup with us or your twenty-first, we’ll start by making you comfortable and familiarizing ourselves with your smile and your overall health. We’ll take X-rays ...

  • February 20, 2012

    Welcome to Dr. Kevin Hogan’s Blog!

    The best part is, you can simply bookmark this page in your browser, then visit whenever you like! Stay tuned for regular posts that will keep you informed.  If you need to schedule an appointment or are “interviewing” us as your potential new dental provider, call today! You may also want ...